32 Foods That Will Increase Breast Milk Supply


Breastfeeding works on a simple supply and demand principle. There may be times however that you feel that you need a boost: during a growth spurt, If you are a mom pumping at work or if your baby is unable to breastfeed.

There are many foods which are known to help to gently increase breast milk naturally and some have been used for centuries in many different cultures.

There is a very limited amount of scientific research if any, to prove the claims that these foods will increase breast milk. They have been used in some cases for centuries, and many moms believe they helped a great deal in boosting their milk production.

The following foods need to be eaten in moderation and as part of a well-balanced diet. Please consult your doctor before taking any herbal or natural supplements.

Breastfeeding is definitely natural but far from easy. Anything that can make breastfeeding easier and help you get on the right track from day one is definitely vital. As a new mom – there is just SO much to know about breastfeeding a baby!

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