14-17 Weeks Pregnant : Baby Development in The Second Trimester

14 17 Weeks Pregnant, Baby Development In The Second Trimester (29)

Week 14

At 14 weeks, the baby is about 85mm long from head to bottom. It has hair all over its body, called lanugo.

Around now, the baby begins to swallow little bits of amniotic fluid, which pass into the stomach. The kidneys start to work and the swallowed fluid passes back into the amniotic fluid as urine.

Week 15

Around this time, your baby will start to hear — it may hear muted sounds from the outside world, and any noises your digestive system makes, as well as the sound of your voice and heart.

The eyes also start to become sensitive to light. Even though your baby’s eyes are closed, they may register a bright light outside your tummy. They may also develop hiccups, a precursor to breathing.

Week 16

The muscles of the baby’s face can now move and the beginnings of facial expressions appear. Your baby can’t control these yet.

The nervous system continues to develop, allowing the muscles in your baby’s limbs to flex. Around this time, your baby’s hands can reach each other — they can form a fist, and hold each other when they touch and grab onto the umbilical cord.

Week 17

By the time you’re 17 weeks pregnant, your baby is growing quickly and now weighs around 150g. The body grows bigger so that the head and body are more in proportion.

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