50 Simple Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

Narrow time, making healthy breakfast is sometimes considered difficult. Even though it is actually very easy to mix healthy foods as well as practical in the morning. This can also be done by working women.

For those of you who are super busy, of course health is the main priority in order to be able to run all activities smoothly. Therefore, it needs to be supported by nutritious intake through healthy food which starts from the breakfast habit.

But the lack of time and activity in the morning, sometimes makes you often have breakfast with a makeshift menu, or even leave breakfast. Even though breakfast is very important to supply the energy needed by the body to undergo activities all day.

Given the importance of breakfast, the nutrients in it must also be considered. You have to make sure the breakfast nutrition contains 3G elements, namely Go, Grow, Glow, which consists of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and minerals needed by the body.

The following are some practical breakfast menus that can be served in less than 15 minutes. Although it is served in a short time, it is certain that this breakfast contains 3G elements.

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